A unique interpretation

The focus of Ancestral Insight is to make use of the 2.5 million years worth of
knowledge our ancestors accumulated as they interacted with the environment
and apply that knowledge to help solve modern day problems.

Dr. Bill Schindler's approach has been featured in the following media outlets

It is our belief that even at the most basic level practicing primitive skills, foraging, hunting, or even fermenting our own foods help all of us connect with our ancestors and our environment in ways that are only attainable through this sort of hands-on teaching and learning.  This sort of connection helps us make decisions on a daily basis to better improve our health and that of our family, community and environment. 

Our presentations, workshops and classes help foster these connections at all levels.  Whether you are just looking to learn a new skill or to completely transform your relationship with your food to the point that you are foraging, making your own hunting equipment from scratch, and utilizing every part of your kill, we can help guide you on your path.

What People are Saying about Bill Schindler's Workshops:

  • “Bill Schindler is GREAT: Enthusiastic and knowledgeable”
  • “Outstanding presenter; amazing topic. One of the best programs provided by Smithsonian Institution”
  • “Well presented information”
  • “Charismatic”
  • “Very well organized. Great knowledge, glad you didn’t talk about what to eat on a specific ‘diet’ structure”
  • “Interesting topic, covered well. Enthusiastic and knowledgeable”