The Great Human Race will follow two adventurers, Bill Schindler, an anthropologist, and Cat Bigney, a survival expert, for 35,000 miles — from the cradle of civilization to the New World — as they attempt to live like our most primitive ancestors did.

 The Great Human Race Homepage on NatGeo

The Great Human Race Homepage on NatGeo

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The Great Human Race Homepage on FoxFlash

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Episode 1: DAWN - Bringing the Meat to Higher Ground
Dehydrated and starving, Cat and Bill come across a fresh lion kill and rush to cut away as much meat and bone as they can carry before the predators that made the kill return.

Episode 1: DAWN - Setting Up Camp in a Tree
Darkness is falling fast and the nocturnal predators are stirring. Cat and Bill must get off the ground and up into a thousand year old Baobab tree in order to survive their first night on the Serengeti.


They must survive in the harshest locations ever occupied by ancient humans, and utilize only the tools and technology available to people in a predetermined time period. Our cast will encounter the same challenges that our ancestors once faced, and overcome them in a similar fashion – by adapting their technology and behavior, and in essence, evolving throughout the course of an episode. The big question to be answered is “Can modern humans survive in the same way primitive humans did?” Each episode takes our cast to a new location. They are placed in a specific time period and follow a migration route that our ancestors travelled in pursuit of food and resources.


The Great Human Race is produced for NGC by National Geographic Studios. For National Geographic Studios, executive producers are Brian Lovett and Peter DeLasho; executive vice president is Jeff Hasler. For NGC, executive producer is Robert Palumbo; vice president of production is Matt Renner; and president, original programming and production, is Tim Pastore.

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